Monday, October 31, 2011

The Girls behind RAW

Today I visited RAW design offices in Kuwait City.The girls behind this place are the talented Hessa AlHumaidhi and Sara AlNifisithe co-founders of NUQAT,an organization dedicated to elevating the level of creativity in the Middle East, by educating, connecting and executing.  

From my personal experience attending their  2010 visual pollution seminars and work shops, NUQAT offered something exceptional.  
I would say that by their efforts I was educated, I connected, and they definitely executed.
Well done and hats off to them.  
I believe their passion and love for design will take them places.


  1. Great post Chizwa !!
    Amazing office !!

  2. Ohhh nice pics as usual ;) I think I work in the same building with those girls! LOVE their office <3

  3. Thank you Chizwa for the post. Beautiful pics. Thanks for the kinds words and support. Would LOVE to have you over again :)

  4. Beautiful girls, beautiful office!

  5. RAW DESIGN Girls, I would LOVE to come over again :) can't wait.

    Thank you all for your lovely comments.

    Ansam, if I had known I would of passed by!! :(((( !

  6. sara beautiful and talented, i want to live in your office- proud of you!

  7. uhma designers shnno bithab6 ?
    oo wain mukanhum oo thair contact # ?

    oo thanxx 3ala afkaar il 7ilwa chizwa ;*

  8. If two brains like @saraanafisi & @HussaalH put together, they do wonders. So proud of you girls.