Friday, August 12, 2011

Home of the week

What a cozy and friendly home.  The lovely couple who decorated this house spend most of their time abroad.  This is their home in Kuwait.
 Their style is about having contemporary pieces and adding oriental touches.
This will be the first post on this home.  I can't show you everything all at once.


  1. beautiful interior, I'm loving the art piece behind the dining table.

    can't wait to see more!


  2. Love love love it! Beautiful home, beautiful couple allah yhaneeehom!! :**

  3. Dearest Chizwa ... love your creativity and elegance of ideas ...while maintaining your local identity...

    i am encouraged to invite you to take pix of my humble casa if you like and most welcome:-)
    warm regards

    safa Alhashem

  4. Bait 7iloo bes ma7la min ra3eeh <3 ahl ilthouq wilba9a6a. Cozy, comfortable, inviting just to name a few... Miss hanging out and having our morning man2oosha ;)

  5. The art pieces are by Hamad ALSaab &Ali Sultan, and the dining table is by a local kuwaiti who will soon open a store in Sun City called WEST B & SPRING.

    Dear Safa, if you could email me your contact details, my email is

    Thank you for your lovely comments

  6. 'home is where the heart is'..
    bless them, lovely home..lovely people

  7. rawwwwww3a ilbait o ra3eetah :**

  8. I personally cant judge about the house , i see it a lot but i can definitely ASSURE you that ra3yat il bait is the "Spot Light" of our lives ;)

  9. i really love that arabic screen door,,i think its made in kuwait?

  10. yes its made in kuwait, ill get the contact and post it soon