Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A night at Mubarakiya

What are you doing these days? 
Are you home cause the weather is really cold?
Well, I must recommend that you go out and go to Al Mubarakiya.
Have some fun knowing that everything  around you is laid back and the place is packed with people simply enjoying this winter weather.
They serve excellent tea, yummy kebabs, and really good Koshary and Mishaltit
(( in case of any food poisoning, don't come blaming me!))


  1. Ma3alaaaich mn l 3ithaaaaaal Tara mafeni food poisingg .... O we had a greaat time it was amazing bas madam baaazma Mo bal3a l mokan that's why i6ali3 isha3aaaaaat :) can't wait to go again :**