Saturday, January 29, 2011

Carluccio's is Officially Open in Kuwait

Have you been looking for great Italian food in Kuwait?

Here it is,
Carluccio's is OPEN in Avenues phase 1.
It's the UK's favorite Italian Caffe, restaurant and foodshop.

I took other photos but uploading them is taking ages, so this is all I can share at the moment.
Anyway, it's the perfect place to take your kids, since its casual dining. 
Simple, basic, yet tasty italian.
Ok, don't take kids, just go and have some good coffee and enjoy a new restaurant.

My opinion on some things I tried
Carpaccio- excellent
Pastas- excellent
Vanilla Icecream-  very Vanillaesh is yummy
squid- Go0od
escalope- Ok
Fish- perfect for my daughter

 Go there for lunch and enjoying the rest of the day shopping at the avenues. 
 So much sale going on Ay!


  1. i love italian & this sounds really good...will definitely try it soon!! :)

  2. I like Nino too! thought I'd share that.. :)