Tuesday, January 4, 2011

لعشاق العلكة

So, my dear friend Nofy just got back from Cairo. 
 I am looking forward to seeing her. 
She passes by my place and tells me all about her time in 'Um Eldunya'.
 and I'm excited to hear all about it
As she talks, she keeps chewing away on some small chicklet gum.
Every few minutes she gets rid of the gum in her mouth and chews on a new one.

 Then I think " Must be some EGYPSHAAIN GUM!"... "oh Yum"
 "I  really want SOME"
Such a sweety, she gives me the whole box... ( it turns out she has a couple more in her car).. heheh

It is available in local supermarkets ( ie. Roudha)!
And I must say it's addictive.  It should come with a warning!

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