Thursday, August 19, 2010

kawater 6

During Ramadan I like to watch Kawater, a series on MBC1, by Ahmed Shuqairi. The presenter talks about improving our Muslim cultures by applying successful methods that work in other countries. Last year, Kawater 5 went to Japan and filmed many impressive habits that a non Muslim culture applies on a daily basis . The episode that struck me most was about Japanese children cleaning their class rooms. Such a simple task yet , we do not do it here in Kuwait and I believe anywhere in the Middle East. A task that is humbling and should be part of our Muslim habits. This year,however, Kawater 6 shows us that the power of media, and how the presenters message went through to some one. The minister of Education in Saudi Arabia is applying this in 50 schools in his country. Well done to Ahmed Shuqairi for being so positive in his message, unlike many other preachers.

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