Wednesday, October 7, 2009

'A table avec Chafy...

A dear friend of mine just told me to post a picture of a table. So I thought long and hard ( its been a minute! )... of what table would make my friend happy. What would make her think " oh I like this!"
Let me give you a brief idea on what my friend is like...
When it comes to looks she's exotic. She's pretty. She's sexy.
When it comes to wit, she holds her own. She lives by it.
When it comes to style, she owns it.
Darling, so where on earth would i find a table worthy ???? ... i kind of went all around the world via internet in this one minute and found the above image. (( YOU BETTER LIKE IT))
This table is in the devigarh palace. It would be perfect just for you my dear Chafy and M.
Enjoy it ;)

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  1. awww!! that's the chicest, sweetest table i've ever seen!! babchee :'(