Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Carnivore's Heaven

HAWKSMOOR is seriously the best steak house in London. And, yes, I was so into the food I just couldn't really bother taking a picture of it.

My husband and I ordered the following:

For starters:
1. Steak tartar
2. Bone marrow and slow cooked onions (unbelievable) ***
3. Grilled Bone marrow

Main Course:
1.Beef dripping chips (hmmmmmmmm)
2. Sirloin steak ( double thumbs up)
3. Hawksmoor Burger ( goood)
4. Lobster sandwich **

1. Sticky toffee pudding with clotted cream (unbelievable) *****
2. chocolate tart with mint choc chip icecream (yumm)
3. Bramely Pie with icecream ( for those who like tarty flavours)

So, in conclusion, starve yourself before going there, I've never tasted sticky toffee pudding like this before.
Oh and book a table, its always full.

(*) the star shows exceptional dishes and how much I loved them! ;)


  1. I love your choices! Its definitely on my to do list and I will order exactly what you guys ordered LOL! Yawwa3teeeni! Its like 2:40AM here and Im craving RED meat! LOL

    3alaikom bel3afiaa :D

  2. Going to London with the hubby next week - will def try to go there for dinner :)


  3. Mashallah you're quite the experimental foodie :p And I thought that I can eat anything! I rarely find anyone who's willing to try things like the ones you mentioned (aka Bone Marrow)

    3awafi ;)