Thursday, August 4, 2011

My 5 year Old wants an Office!



My 5 year old daughter wants her own office.  She wants it pink.  demanding aigh!
 I'm not sure if I will comply, but by the looks of it, I might!  Since I have been browsing the net to see something, and I stumbled upon love megan's blog.
I thought this room looks sweet. perfect for a girl (for me that is not my daughter).


  1. love these pictures! that is too funny!!


  2. ur 5 yesr old has a louis vitton? kilish mala da3ee

  3. Hahaha Anonymous!!

    I think if you give yourself a moment to read the text you'd realize she likes the IDEA of this office from, to which she linked ;)

  4. where does it say that my 5 year old has a louis Vitton LOOOL! OMG. Thank you ismy for your wonderful reply.
    and Anonymous, Il faut apprendre l'anglais
    .. Lets play a game.... WHERE IS THE LV BAG in this post?? The winner will get one for his or her kid ;)

  5. Found the bag !!!!! 3rd pic from the top right behind the chair !!! damn its better than shopping !! plz send me more of these generous blogs !! is there a blog where a boat is the prize ?! (for my son ) loool