Monday, July 4, 2011

Let Heston drive you Mad

our kitchen table a mess with ingredients for our lunch
the book

Heston's pizza dough

Heston's tomato sauce!
My hubby's take on Heston's recipe ( its pizza au saumon)

Pizza with pesto,goat cheese, mashroom and truffles mm....

Once my husband picks up Heston Blumenthal's cook book, In Search of Perfection, I know I'm in for a treat.  So, we are having pizza.  But this is no ordinary pizza, this is Heston's pizza, and for that we buy a pressure cooker just to make 'the' tomato sauce.  The pizza dough is half done over night.  Can't share more details since I ain't the cookI just eat what is being cooked.
The verdict: excellent pizza


  1. HEY!!!! where was I??? damn that looks good!!! thanks for not inviting me!

  2. allah e3afeech,
    and its ur place u don't need an invite lol :*

  3. Yummmy !!
    can u post the recipe ?

  4. Mmm these look so good!
    I'm a huge goat cheese fan, and sea food too!
    This sounds like the perfect dinner!

    Bon Appétit

  5. LooooL i love the chef's watch :p

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