Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Its all about the shades..

Well, it is definitly about the shades, but I can't help be honest and say the exposed brick walls are fantastic, the sofas are booombastic, and she touch me in the back and she says its all .. rooo..mantic !
(Sorry for that, the rooms are bringing out the SHAGGY in me ;)
Gee Weeezee..
Blinds by Delia Shades www.deliashades.com based in the US. In Kuwait you can find a similar service by Royal blinds www.royalblinds.com based in Dubai.


  1. A..maaay...zingggg! Makes me wanna redecorate the whole living room with Chic Baroque style furniture and those shades!!

  2. Why this car is automatic..
    It's systematic..
    It's haaaaaaaaaaaydromatic

    and you are absolutely fantastic! lol :*

    LOOOVED the third pic down.. everything from stools table and shades! copy to "future home" file lol